Discovery Guild emoji image
Discovery Guild emoji image

In the six months since its creation, the Guild has helped us share more often, elevate our level of conversation and pull together, even when 2020 has done its best to keep us apart.

This time last year there was a feeling in Product that we could be more ambitious and make bigger bets. We felt that too often the problems we chose to solve and the ways we set out to solve them meant our ideas were too limited and our solutions were too safe.

A whole other blog post could be written about the FT’s Discovery process that…

Our experiment provides an easy link between the app homepage and the topics you follow, highlighting when new stories are published. If you’re an FT subscriber, you can turn it on, try it out and help us by providing feedback.

Our team was tasked with improving the myFT feed experience on the app. A month of discovery has taken us in an unexpected but curious direction and this experiment will help us explore it further.

Say what?!

We knew the myFT feed on the app was less engaging than its desktop equivalent, and lacked a number of features. …

With tens of stacked tables and Outlook conditionals, HTML email code can be hard to read. Plus with many complicated solutions to the varying obstacles email developers and designers face, our code can become inconsistent, and inevitably tough to debug.

Here are some top tips and tools that will improve your process and help you write clean, consistent and effective code:

1. Snippets

DRY. Don’t repeat yourself. …

Jono Milnes

Product Designer @ Financial Times

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